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Twenteborg Hospital implements bed management system

by Roland Stump, Dorset b.v.

Twenteborg Hospital in Almelo, Netherlands, has implemented a full bed management system based on the ID200 transponder. An ID200 tag was attached to each bed in the same relative position. This tag is scanned once the bed goes from the dirty to the clean room. The ID number is transmitted to the central computer that looks up whether maintenance should be performed. In the affirmative case, a light will illuminate and a report on the items to check comes prints automatically.

Once the bed is cleaned and properly made, it goes into stock. Nurses can collect a bed with a simple check-out procedure: scanning it and then scanning the transponder identifying the department to which they will take it. An ANT-611 sensor antenna is used for the check out.

The hospital’s objective is to document that the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule has been properly followed. Also, individual departments can be charged for the number of beds used and a better overview on the status and use of the beds can be obtained.
An ANT-614 antenna for reading the beds was placed inside the washing machine. Water, chemicals, and temperature have no effect on the reading.

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