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GIMHAE International Airport Uses Trovan Reader for Pet Travel

GIMHAE international airport was opened in 1976 and serves both military and civilian travels,

domestically and internationally. It is the main hub for Air Busan and the second most important airport in South Korea. It is very safe, and small enough that you will not get lost. GIMHAE international airport selected the TROVAN GR-251 High Performance Multi Reader for their customs pet ID check process. When comparing reading performance to competitors, GIMHAE customs found that the GR-251 High Performance Multi Reader exceeded the desired expectations with superior read range, read speed and read area. Pets traveling to South Korea (regardless of age) are required to be implanted with a 15 digit ISO 11784/11785 compliant pet microchip, along with a veterinary certificate that includes the identification code and rabies vaccination history. To asset travelers using the GIMHAE International Airport as their point of entry to Korea. The GR-251 was selected because it reads TROVANUNIQUE, Destron 10-digit transponders and clones, as well as, AVID encrypted transponders in addition to 15 digit ISO 11784/11785 transponders. These are the transponder types most frequently found in pets.

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