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Preventing Bonsai Tree Theft With TROVAN

BON-TAG Security identification & theft deterrent system utilizes well established and proven Trovan RFID microchip technology, to provide positive identification of ‘Bonsai Trees & Pots’.

In the UK alone over the past 10 years there have been approximately 600 recorded thefts, the BON-TAG’s target market is ‘Bonsai’, this niche subject matter has dedicated enthusiasts and professional experts worldwide, authoritative literature, Bonsai nurseries & traders, national and international shows and Bonsai Societies across the globe promoting this ancient and fascinating living art form. Anyone who is interested can also find information on the subject via the internet on specialist forums, and dedicated websites and Facebook . This allows the Bonsai community to communicate across borders and share information, skills, techniques and knowledge for this absorbing pastime. BON-TAG is initially promoting and targeting its bespoke product at the UK Bonsai market. Whilst BONTAG has its own website & Facebook pages, liaising face to face with the bonsai fraternity at shows, attending Bonsai societies meetings to give presentations and demonstrations is another valuable method of re-enforcing the importance of providing protection & identification for valuable bonsai. Why ‘Trovan’? BON-TAGs principals have used Trovan RFID products in the past and selected TROVAN because the company is the market leader with expertise in RFID technology, has distributors worldwide, established and proven track record, a wide variety of transponder sizes and method of application. The ‘Bonsai Tree

kit’ utilizes the ID-100B preloaded transponder canula, this method of delivery prevents handling problems associated with such a small item when implanting into a bonsai tree trunk. To apply, you simply drill a cavity to the required depth at a suitable point low down on the trunk base above soil level, then implant the transponder seal or disguise the hole as necessary. Another option utilizes the ID-1000/12 resin tablet style transponder. For this application, you attach the tag at a suitable point inside the pot. Site warning signage and a tamperproof ‘Pot Decal’ are provided to inform potential thieves that your Bonsai are ‘tagged identifiable & traceable’. Once your property has been ‘tagged’ it’s important to record and register the ‘tagged’ items specific details. The registration of the “tagged” Bonsai is an important part of the whole process. BON-TAG has made the UK’s police forces aware of its initiative in crime prevention and also aims to provide TROVAN readers to other bonafide parties such as Bonsai Societies and commercial Bonsai Nurseries & traders thereby building a network of available readers to allow checking and confirmation of tagged Bonsai.

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